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Rhu Marina

Impact of sailing tourism

All around Scotland’s coast, we work with individuals and businesses and support not-for-profit Moorings Associations to enable economic and social activity while protecting wildlife and natural landscapes.

We frequently help design and fund marine tourism studies and research that will help boost the sector by clearly identifying how growth can be achieved.

The latest report, Sailing Tourism in Scotland, was compiled by EKOS Ltd and funded by Highlands & Islands Enterprise, The Crown Estate and Scottish Canals to identify opportunities and growth potential in recreational sailing (marine tourism’s largest sector).

The study concludes that Scotland’s £130 million sailing tourism economy, which supports 2700 jobs, is set to grow by as much as 28% in the next seven years.

The report identifies the potential of a further increase of £36.9 million to a worth of £167.1 million over the next seven years. It also outlines the potential for growth and opportunities for private and public investment in critical infrastructural developments to meet growing demand whilst also making more areas of Scottish sailing waters accessible to cruising yachts.

The study is part of a five-year plan to grow the value of the wider marine tourism sector by 25 per cent, from £360m to £450m, by 2020 by improving the experience of visitors, building facilities and skills and promoting the huge range of events and activities around Scotland’s coast.