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Six organisations apply to manage land and property locally

Three local authorities, a community trust, a charitable trust and a Fishery Board have submitted business plan applications to Crown Estate Scotland’s Local Management Pilots Scheme.

The five applications (one developed jointly by Western Isles Council and Galson Estate Trust) are now being assessed before next steps are considered by Crown Estate Scotland’s Board. 

Applicants have provided summaries of their proposals to help inform tenants and wider stakeholders about any proposals relevant to them.  Each summary is reproduced verbatim from the applicant and should not be construed as representing the view of Crown Estate Scotland, nor should any of these proposals be considered as having been agreed at this stage. 

Application summaries along with a map showing the boundary of each application are available here

Crown Estate Scotland’s Board will decide which, if any, application should progress to ‘preferred project’ status at the end of May 2019.  ‘Preferred projects’ will then enter discussion on the detail of agreements, with implementation to follow thereafter.

For more information on our Local Management Pilots Scheme see here or contact