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Major forestry work at Glenlivet Estate

Work is currently progressing on a large-scale forestry project on the Glenlivet Estate near Tomintoul. The project aims to clear a wide area of non-native conifer trees, then replant it with native trees which are much better suited to the local environment and landscape.

Over 5,000 tonnes of timber has already been felled, with the bulk of it going to sustainable local businesses – such as Estover Energy’s Renewable Energy Plant at Craigellachie, Moray which uses wood chips to generate electricity – and to local sawmills for a variety of uses.

The work is taking place along the Lecht Road (A939) within Glenlivet Estate, managed by Crown Estate Scotland. A variety of local businesses have been engaged in the project, including timber harvesting contractors, hauliers and more.

Nick Page, Forestry Manager for Crown Estate Scotland, said: “This is a major project, which has seen us call on the expertise of several local contractors and businesses to help clear the space for new planting, and the timber produced will be used to support local, sustainable businesses. Under our long-term plan, only native trees – which are more suitable for these surroundings – will be planted here.”

Glenlivet Estate is one of four rural estates managed by Crown Estate Scotland, and the forestry team works across all of them to ensure the sustainable management of the woodland areas contained there.