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269 - SCDS Outlooks


How often and at what points throughout the ScotWind option period does Crown Estate Scotland expect SCDS Outlooks to be update?


The Supply Chain Development Statement’s (SCDS) for ScotWind are to be updated within 12 months of signing option agreements and every 3 years throughout the option period.

Projects can submit an update at any point however there must be an update within a 3 year period.

Updates were therefore due and have been submitted, early April 2023.

We will publish the Outlook Statements of the current SCDS’s in due course. Date to be confirmed once we have concluded the process.

Please note, the timing for the 3 projects awarded Option Agreements through Clearing are under a later timeline and updates are not yet due for those projects.

More information can be found here on our website:

Search SCDS on our website, or sift through the ‘Resources’ tab you can see some SCDS Outlooks that were published 3 May