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268 - OMHA Development


1. “information regarding the transfer of responsibility for moorings within Oban Bay which will arise with the development of the planned Municipal Harbour Authority for Oban Bay.”
2. “… information regarding any conversations or correspondence between CES and Argyll & Bute Council which took place between March 15th 2023 and 16th April 2023.

Please provide the dates and identities of the correspondents and the subject matter in each case”


1. Enclosed is an email dated 16th March 2023 to the Chair of the Oban Bay Management Group and the briefing note referred to in that email.

The redactions in ‘Red’ contain personal data as defined under the UK General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR) and release of such information would contravene data processing principals; therefore, 11(2) under EIRS is applied.

The ‘Black’ redaction is information that is out of scope of this request as it relates to another matter that triggered the request for this briefing note.

2. Crown Estate Scotland and it’s managing agent Bidwells LLP do not have anyinformation on correspondence or conversations with Argyll and Bute Councilbetween the dates of 15th March and 16th April 2023 (10(4)(a) under EIRs applies).