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194 - Scottish Business Insider


I'm a journalist with Scottish Business Insider. I'm emailing as I would like to make a Freedom of Information request regarding the due diligence for the ScotWind Leasing Round. 

I would like to see the due diligence undertaken by Crown Estate Scotland for the ScotWind leasing round, which was recently announced, for the companies: SSE Renewables, BP Alternative Investments,  Shell New Energies, Ocean Winds and Scottish Power Renewables? 



Crown Estate Scotland required all project partners* to make a declaration providing written, formal assurance that they have not been convicted of unlawful activity in relation to a range of requirements, including corruption, bribery, fraud and human trafficking, within the last five years. This is also consistent with Scottish Government’s procurement regulations. Only those companies that provided such assurances were allowed to proceed in the ScotWind leasing. The ScotWind terms and conditions make clear that CES reserve the right to void any application or agreement if false information is found to have been provided, and CES will not hesitate to take the appropriate action if needed. 

*For clarity, project partners are listed here