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Notice relating to the grant of rights to Forthwind Ltd for a up to 30MW site for testing 2 wind turbines each greater than 12MW at Methil, Fife

Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management) intends to enter into negotiations with Forthwind Limited (“Forthwind”) in relation to an Option Agreement for a project for up to 2 turbines with maximum capacity of 30MW, in an area which overlaps with their existing Option Agreement.  The test and demonstration application was received prior to 31 August 2018.

If the negotiations are concluded successfully, the intention is to enter into an Option Agreement. If awarded, the new Option Agreement would replace the existing Option Agreement that Forthwind holds off the Fife coast at Methil.

If you would like to make any observations in relation to this proposed Option Agreement, please write by 24 May 2019 to:

Sian Wilson
Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management)
6 Bells Brae

Or email