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Andy Wells and Tenant at Glenlivet

Workshop demonstrates benefits of new farming technologies

The Moredun Institute team organised a workshop for farmers (Wednesday  March 8) to demonstrate the links between better disease control and improved economic return both in terms of production costs and return on sale. It was led by Principal Investigator Dr Dave Bartley in partnership with Speyside Veterinary Centre and Scotland’s Rural College, and held at Glenlivet Estate.

The session concentrated on worm control practices using precision farming technologies (PFT) which include activities such as faecal egg count diagnostics and electronic information devices. As part of a practical workshop, the research team worked with 34 local farmers to benchmark knowledge and attitudes to worm control and best practice. 

Moredun is committed to promoting animal health and welfare through research and education and is recognised worldwide for its contribution to research into infectious diseases of farmed livestock.

Ian Duncan Miller, Chairman of the Moredun Foundation said: “With the current challenges facing the livestock sector, it is vital that livestock farmers increase their production efficiencies and a clear way of doing this is to improve the health and welfare of their animals. Gastrointestinal roundworm infections rank as one of the top three production limiting endemic diseases of livestock, therefore a key target for applying the available technologies and tools that the research industry have provided to improve our farming efficiency.”

Crown Estate Scotland manages four rural estates in Scotland including Glenlivet and Fochabers Estates in the north-east. They include a number of farm tenancies and workshops at Glenlivet.

Andy Wells, Head of Property, Crown Estate Scotland said: “Farming is a key part of our business on our estates and helping our tenants to access current research and advice such as this ensures their businesses, and ours, remain healthy and viable for the future. Our earlier events carried out in co-operation with Moredun were hugely successful so we were very pleased to work with them again on this next phase of their outreach work.”