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Volunteers taking a well-earned break after working on Glenlivet bike trails

Volunteers help maintain Glenlivet bike trails

Last weekend (Saturday 1 April) saw a dozen volunteers raking, sawing and digging to get the Glenlivet Estate’s bike trails into shape for the start of the school holidays and the peak mountain biking season.

Organised as part of the Take Care of Your Trails Weekend, the event saw the volunteers work with the Estate’s ranger service to repair surfaces and drained large puddles on both the 9k blue grade route and 22k red grade route.

Operated by Crown Estate Scotland, the BikeGlenlivet trails welcomed 13,000 riders last year.

Vicky Hilton, Crown Estate Scotland’s Countryside Manager for the Glenlivet Estate, said: “Our volunteers did a great job on Saturday and I’d like to thank them for lending us their precious time.

“The trails here at Glenlivet are a fantastic resource for the local area, but the physicality of mountain biking means they need regular maintenance to keep them in good shape; ensuring that the public can easily access and enjoy them.

“The work was tough but the trails are now in a fantastic condition and ready for another busy season.”

The work formed part of Take Care of Your Trails Weekend organised by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland which saw volunteers give their time at 15 mountain biking spots across Scotland, and at several locations across Europe.

The aim is to let the mountain biking community know about the volunteering opportunities in trail repair work across Scotland and to get more people involved in helping out with the maintenance of their local trails. The work is being carried out in the hope that Scotland can be given the title of ‘Best Mountain Bike Community in Europe’, which is judged on how many volunteers help out over the course of the weekend, per head of population.

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