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Tenant Tilly with her free-ranging reindeer

Three-year plan launched

Our corporate plan, launched today, outlines our commitment to innovate with land and property to create prosperity for Scotland and its communities. It sets out how we will grow revenue and the value of the estate, engage openly and effectively and innovate through, for example, supporting new areas of economic growth and encouraging local organisations to manage assets.

Our key objectives include, to:

1. Contribute to Scotland’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing

2. Grow revenue and enhance value of capital estate

3. Develop local decision making and success, with particular focus on communities and coastal local authorities

4. Build confidence and trust in the organisation

5. Develop and deploy expertise to deliver success 

We commit to:

  • Explore potential benefits (e.g. jobs) of new commercial-scale deep water wind energy
  • Involve tenants in decision-making
  • Plant new woodland
  • Work with partners to trial the Natural Capital Protocol
  • Work closely with agricultural tenants ahead of Brexit
  • Continue to support moorings associations, as a means of local management
  • Support shellfish, marine trout and seaweed cultivation
  • Support angling associations in maintaining or increasing numbers of stretches of river let
  • Develop a tool to measure our economic, social and environmental impacts
  • Work in an open and transparent way including making more information and data public