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Simon Hodge

Simon Hodge takes top job at Crown Estate Scotland

Simon Hodge has been announced as the new Chief Executive of Crown Estate Scotland and will take up the post next month (April).

Simon, currently Chief Executive of Forest Enterprise Scotland, will head up the 38-strong team responsible for managing assets that stretch the length and breadth of Scotland, including agricultural and forestry land, most of the seabed, just under half of the foreshore and some retail and office property.

The business works with tenants and organisations in sectors such as offshore renewables, agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture as well as ports & harbours, to ensure the land and property is developed and managed in a way that supports tenants and delivers wider public benefits.

Amanda Bryan, Chair of Crown Estate Scotland said, “We’re really looking forward to welcoming Simon to the team. His commercial expertise, combined with a deep understanding of how land management impacts communities and business, makes him the ideal candidate to work with staff, the Board and managing agents to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Simon Hodge said, “The depth and breadth of Crown Estate Scotland’s work – and the team’s reputation for expertise and professionalism – makes this an incredibly exciting opportunity.

“The Scottish Crown Estate Bill, which outlines a continuing role of Crown Estate Scotland while enabling councils and communities to directly manage specific assets, shows that Scottish Government recognise the success of the organisation and value the experience of the team.

“I look forward to working with the staff to continue delivering excellent tenant service, sustainable asset management and broader public benefits.”

Simon's career to date includes eight years as Chief Executive of Forest Enterprise Scotland which, as an executive agency of the Forestry Commission, operates largely as a commercial enterprise with an annual turnover in excess of £100m and also delivers a wide range of social and public benefits.

Simon will be visiting different parts of the estate to meets tenants and partners over the coming months.

Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management), which has the trading name of Crown Estate Scotland, is operating on an interim basis until new legislation sets out permanent arrangements. The Scottish Crown Estate Bill is currently at Stage 1 in the Scottish Parliament.


For more information please contact Laura Collins on 0131 260 6073 or Esther Black on 07917 628 253.