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Aberdeen Bay foundations at Smulders

Scottish Government's Energy Strategy published

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy, published today, Ronnie Quinn, Chief Executive of Crown Estate Scotland, the body that manages leasing of seabed and rights to offshore carbon storage, said:

“Scotland has for some time led globally in setting ambitious renewables targets to drive innovation, investment and growth. The new 2030 renewables target continues that leadership, and we will be playing our part by supporting CCS (carbon capture & storage) and helping renewable energy developers access seabed at the right time and on the right terms to help their projects succeed.

“The waters around Scotland have fantastic potential, particularly for offshore wind in deeper waters. With costs being lowered and jobs created in operations and maintenance as well as throughout the supply chain, new leasing has the potential to benefit communities, consumers and the climate - as well as contributing to the revenues that Crown Estate Scotland passes to Scottish Government.”

Crown Estate Scotland’s role in offshore renewable energy is that of landlord, catalyst and supportive partner. Marine Scotland as the regulator is responsible for environmental considerations, regulatory compliance and assessing consent applications.

The Energy Strategy references Crown Estate Scotland’s preparations for new offshore leasing on p44.