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Chair Amanda Bryan and Chief Executive of Argyll & Bute Council Cleland Sneddon meet in Helensburgh

New Board visits Argyll & Bute

Our Board visited Argyll & Bute recently to hear from a wide range of locally-based businesses and community representatives.

The two-day session formed part of a wider dialogue between the Board and tenants and partners across Scotland. The team will also travel to Shetland in September as part of a commitment to hold at least three Board meetings a year away from its Edinburgh base.

The organisation has also pledged to ask tenants, businesses and other bodies that it works with across different sectors and industries for feedback – through surveys and research – to ensure Crown Estate Scotland’s activities reflect their wider interests.

During the visit to Helensburgh on 18 & 19 July, the Board met councillors and Argyll & Bute Council’s Chief Executive Cleland Sneddon to discuss Crown Estate Scotland’s assets and projects which include Rhu Marina, hundreds of kilometres of foreshore and the seabed. They also had discussions with representatives from The Scottish Salmon Company and the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership.

Amanda Bryan, Chair of Crown Estate Scotland, said: “Crown Estate Scotland assets stretch the length and breadth of Scotland, with our team supporting thousands of businesses, individuals and community projects.

“With those assets comes a responsibility to really listen and fully understand the challenges and issues facing our tenants and partners. Visits to different communities across Scotland, and other ways of actively seeking views and opinions, will help ensure we can work with them in a way that benefits all involved.

“Our two days in Argyll & Bute have proved extremely helpful and I’d like to thank all those involved for the insight which they’ve provided us with, especially the Council for hosting our visit.” 

Cllr Aileen Morton, leader of Argyll and Bute Council, said: “Argyll and Bute is one of Scotland’s most promising regions. We will turn this promise into success by everyone, with a part to play, working together. We very much welcome therefore the Crown Estate Scotland choosing Helensburgh as the location to launch their wider conversation with communities across the country, and look forward to working closely with them. The marine economy is a sector we are committed to developing and we welcome the opportunity to present our achievements to date and vision for the future at a national level.”

Crown Estate Scotland leases and agreements across Argyll & Bute include everything from fish farming and offshore renewable energy projects, to commercial moorings and wild salmon fishing. There are currently around 36 mooring associations in Argyll & Bute which Crown Estate Scotland has supported in increasing the availability of leisure moorings and ensuring they are managed locally.