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Andy with tenant

High levels of customer satisfaction amongst Crown Estate Scotland tenants

Overall satisfaction with tenant service ranges from 6.7 for our rural tenants (agricultural and residential) to 7.7 among shellfish farmers, according to independent research. In addition, tenants rate our team highly for professionalism and for quality of communication.

The findings are the results of Crown Estate Scotland’s first ever tenant survey, which covered most rural leaseholders and all coastal and aquaculture tenants.

The research was conducted by independent agency Research Resource as part of Crown Estate Scotland’s work to measure, monitor and continually improve the service it provides.

The survey was sent to over 1550 tenants in autumn / winter 2017, and over 460 responded giving a 30% response rate. Tenants were asked to agree or disagree with statements on a score of 1 (poor) and 10 (excellent).

Key findings include:

  • Tenant service was rated as 7.1 for coastal, 6.3 rural, 7.2 for finfish and 8.2 for shellfish
  • Overall tenant satisfaction was rated at 6.8 for coastal, 6.7 for rural, 6.6 for finfish and 7.7. shellfish
  • Professionalism of the Crown Estate Scotland team scored highly especially in aquaculture with finfish scoring 8.2 and shellfish 8.4
  • Tenants find communications from Crown Estate Scotland easy to understand and are keen for more targeted updates and news. They also want more information on how rents are set, value for money and Crown Estate Scotland’s future plans
  • Some farming tenants want quicker action taken on requests for repairs

In response to the feedback, we are:

  • Investigating setting up a moorings working group to advise on practical and process improvements to the licensing system
  • Developing more relevant and targeted communications e.g. starting a rural newsletter that will be posted to farming tenants
  • Exploring how to provide clearer information on charges and how rents are calculated and value for money e.g. on invoices and on our website
  • Explaining more about our future plans (including keeping tenants up to date on the Scottish Crown Estate Bill as it goes through the Scottish Parliament)
  • Working closely with RYA Scotland and West Highland Anchorages and Moorings Association
  • Commissioning a full repairs / condition audit for rural properties

This research was the start of a two-year rolling programme. In 2018/19, tenants in salmon fishing, minerals, the urban properties and energy & infrastructure will be surveyed.

Esther Black, Head of Corporate Operations at Crown Estate Scotland, said: “Ensuring we deliver excellent tenant service is central to what we do. Starting this ongoing programme of research enables us to find out what we are doing well, and what we can improve.

“We’re pleased to see positive feedback especially in relation to our team and their expertise. It’s also really helpful to have some clear indications of what we can do differently, such as delivering more tailored communications that are directly relevant to different groups of tenants in different sectors. Thank you to to everyone who responded.”

Research Resource also carried out in-depth telephone interviews with 40 key stakeholders to gather feedback on how Crown Estate Scotland works with other organisations.

Findings show that staff are seen to be trustworthy (8.2 out of 10), have expertise (8.2) and be professional in how they operate (8.1) with our core values of collaboration, integrity, commercialism and excellence clearly demonstrated in what we do and how we do it. Stakeholders are keen to see us proactively engage and collaborate more, including exploring new ways of working, and we are looking at how we can best do that.

Please see here for a summary of the key findings.