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Holy Loch

Action to benefit Holy Loch sailors

A second survey has been conducted in the Holy Loch by Crown Estate Scotland to identify and remove abandoned moorings.

The Clyde’s Community Marine Officer working for Bidwells – Crown Estate Scotland‘s coastal managing agents – identified a number of potentially abandoned and unlicensed moorings in the Holy Loch during an initial survey in June 2018.

Every mooring was inspected to identify and sticker those which may be abandoned and requiring removal. The survey is being undertaken in partnership with Peel Ports – Clydeport (the Harbour Authority for the River Clyde) and has the support of the local Mooring Associations and other organisations involved in the management of the River Clyde.

Dr Darren Hirst, Partner at Bidwells said: “There is high demand for moorings in the Clyde as it’s less exposed compared to other west coast locations, while still showcasing the beauty of Scotland’s coastline. Indeed, many of Scotland’s popular mooring areas are at capacity, which makes this kind of exercise crucial.

“With many of the more popular mooring areas reaching capacity, it’s important to ensure available space is being used in a way that is fair and well-managed, to benefit sailors and others who use the coastline.

“The vast majority of moorings users are very responsible – tackling any problems caused by unlicensed moorings is the fair way of ensuring access.”

Abandoned moorings can be a hazard to sailors and deprive others of the space which, in this location, is at a premium. Each licensed mooring is allocated a unique identification tag, which allows the Community Marine Officers to identify and follow-up those that may be unlicensed or abandoned.  Where owners cannot be identified, action may be taken to remove the mooring to free up space for others to use.

Paul Bancks, Asset Manager, Crown Estate Scotland said: “As manager of just under half of Scotland’s foreshore and virtually all the seabed, we want to maximise the opportunity for the marine leisure and tourism sectors. Making sure that moorings are properly licensed is a key part of this, and with sailing becoming an increasingly important part of Scotland’s rural economy, we will play our part in helping business and communities realise their potential.”

Bidwells’ presently manages agreements covering over 5,500 installed moorings around Scotland’s coastline, on behalf of Crown Estate Scotland. 

A key component of the process has been the promotion of Mooring Associations and Groups, which allow some of the more popular mooring areas to be managed locally.  Bidwells Community Marine Officers and Regional Managers work with the local mooring owners to help establish these Associations, balancing the often competing demands in these high use areas so as to ensure that any arrangements put in place are a success in the longer term.  Over the years, the team has helped to establish and restructure over 80 Mooring Associations and Groups, representing over 2,000 installed moorings.


About Bidwells

Bidwells is one of the UK’s leading property consultancies, offering clients knowledge of, and access to, some of the most interesting real estate markets with the highest growth potential in the UK.

Over 80% of the consultancy’s work is concentrated in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Oxford, Cambridge and London, including sector-leading work in the science & technology, and education sectors. Bidwells helps investors, developers, occupiers, house builders and home owners to harness the benefits of the exceptional growth in these markets which represent over 44% of all real estate activity in the UK.

In addition, Bidwells has a strong rural presence and manages thousands of square miles of the English and Scottish countryside and coastline. It is one of the leading consultancies in the high-growth forestry, renewables, and agriculture markets. These markets have consistently outperformed equities and bonds in recent years and are of significant interest to UK and overseas investors.

Established in 1839, Bidwells has retained many of its original clients, including some of the best-known colleges in Oxford and Cambridge who are among the biggest landowners in the UK. Today, Bidwells manages over £5.2 billion in property assets and employs 500 people in England and Scotland.

About Crown Estate Scotland

  • Crown Estate Scotland manages land and property on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. It works with people, businesses and organisations to ensure that the assets are managed in a sustainable way that creates prosperity for Scotland and its communities. The business started operating in April 2017 and pays all revenue profit to the Scottish Government.
  • Crown Estate Scotland manages:
  • 37,000 hectares of rural land with agricultural tenancies, residential and commercial properties and forestry on four rural estates (Glenlivet, Fochabers, Applegirth and Whitehill)
  • Rights to fish wild salmon and sea trout in in river and coastal areas
  • Rights to naturally-occurring gold and silver across most of Scotland
  • Just under half the foreshore around Scotland including 5,800 moorings and some ports and harbours
  • Leasing of virtually all seabed out to 12 nautical miles covering some 750 fish farming sites and agreements with cables & pipeline operators
  • The rights to offshore renewable energy and gas and carbon dioxide storage out to 200 nautical miles
  • Retail and office units at 39-41 George Street Edinburgh

Crown Estate Scotland is a public corporation which manages the assets on an interim basis until new legislation sets out permanent arrangements.

For more information please contact:
Katrina Candy, PR, Marketing & Business Development Manager, 01738 230152, 07776 857222,