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Eriksay, Western Isles (Paul Bancks)

13 organisations apply to manage local assets

Stage 1 of the Local Pilots Scheme assessment process closed on 16 August and we are pleased to announce that we have received 13 applications for local management pilot projects. A list of organisations who have each submitted a single application is provided below. 

We are now considering each application in accordance with our criteria and guidance including taking comments from the Scottish Government’s Stakeholder Advisory Group on the Crown Estate. This will help the Crown Estate Scotland Board and team determine whether proposals should be developed further and proceed to Stage 2 of the assessment process. 

Applicants for proposals that do proceed to Stage 2 of the assessment process will be required to set out more detail on how existing tenants will be consulted and considered, which is an essential part of the overall assessment process.  Projects that continue to Stage 2 will also be asked to provide a map that will be used by Crown Estate Scotland to ensure existing tenants are aware that the proposal is under consideration, and to foster direct dialogue between the applicant and tenants, working within data protection rules. 

Proceeding to Stage 2 does not indicate agreement or commitment by Crown Estate Scotland to any change of management control or structure. Such decisions can only be taken having received much more detailed information during Stage 2 and no existing agreements can be changed as a direct consequence of any pilot project. 

No decision will be taken to agree a pilot project until the whole assessment process has been completed, Stage 2 of which runs until at earliest 25 March 2019. Any tenants who have concerns should email or call 0131 260 6070 and ask to speak with our Local Pilots Manager, Tom Mallows.

List of Stage 1 local management pilot scheme application organisations:

Clyde Fishermens' Association & Clyde Fishermens' Trust
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Community Inshore Fisheries Alliance
Findhorn Village Conservation Company
Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board
Galson Estate Trust
Lochgoil Moorings Association & Lochgoil Jetties Trust
Mallaig Harbour Authority
Orkney Islands Council
Portgordon Community Harbour Association
Shetland Islands Council
St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve
Tay & Earn Trust

For more information please email / call 0131 260 6070 and ask to speak with our Local Pilots Manager, Tom Mallows.

Image: Eriksay, Western Isles (Credit: Paul Bancks)