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REF 91 - Private track at The Quarters


1.     Was the PRIVATE TRACK in The Quarters residential area adopted at any time by The Moray Council?

2.     If the PRIVATE TRACK was adopted why was it then un-adopted?

3.     Please confirm that the Moray Council is the owner of the PUBLIC ROAD shown on the map in our disposition.

4.     Why wasn't the road repaired at the time of the flood in 2009?


1.  We do not have any information related to the adoption of roads (s10{4)(a) EIRs) -Information not held. Once an asset is sold, we no longer collect information relating to that area (for example current ownership). Please contact Moray Council (telephone: 01343 543451).

2.  We do not have this information (s10{4)(a) EIR - Please contact Moray Council.

3.  I have enclosed a For Information Only Plan, which indicates what is currently considered as Crown title (coloured 'pink'). The area of the track highlighted with the 'orange' block, is not managed by the Crown; that specific part of the track was sold to The Grampian Electricity Supply company in 1941. We do not collect records of current ownership once an asset has been sold, you would need to contact Registers of Scotland for that information -       (

4.  We do not have any information relating to repairs to the public road following flooding damage in 2009 (s10(4)(a) ElRs).

While Crown Estate Scotland does not have the legal liability to maintain or upgrade the private road at The Quarters beyond a standard for agricultural use, we are keen to help and have offered to pay a contribution to any planned upgrade, as well as help facilitate a solution to the current situation.  I hope this provides you with some clarity on Crown Estate Scotland's role with regards to the Private Track.

Attached For Your Information Plan