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REF: 142 - Non-crown foreshore Data


1.Provide a digital copy of the map cited at a resolution sufficient for individual non-Crown verified areas to be clearly discerned.

2.Provide a list of non-Crown verified areas of foreshore within the Argyll and Bute area as shown


Enclosed is an extract of non-Crown Title shapefiles. These files will allow you to see all of Scotland’s foreshore and which parts are currently considered non-Crown. The information provided also includes the areas within Argyll and Bute. Here is some context and explanation on the data provided: the extract also includes sales which partially included seabed and dry land areas sold to be reclaimed; this is the way we hold our data. There is also a caveat on Orkney and Shetland – the Crown does not own foreshore in Orkney and Shetland for which a valid udal title can be established, this includes all of Shetland foreshore(as referenced and indicated on the included Non-Crown Foreshore FIO plan).

Non-Crown Foreshore Shapefiles and For Your Information Shetland map