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Marc Gellatly

Marc joined The Crown Estate, now called Crown Estate Scotland, in 2006. His background is in land surveying and registration, which stems from a ‘lifelong love of nature and exploring the great outdoors’.

As Crown Estate Scotland’s Senior GIS Analyst, Marc is responsible for maintaining and analysing our spatial data in a Geographic Information System (GIS). It contains more than 4,000 rental records on land, foreshore and seabed including ports, harbours, moorings, offshore renewables and aquaculture, and thousands of title records and title rights such as river salmon fishing and Mines Royal.

From the creation of legal plans to capturing or updating records to providing spatial analysis, our GIS system is directly linked to our rental accounting system, giving the organisation a very powerful ‘live’ view of what's going on in the Estate.

As a land manager, Crown Estate Scotland has a responsibility to maintain authoritative records about the status and change of geography. GIS performs analysis that helps individual projects and informs planning decisions, such as those for offshore renewables sites.

Marc finds it especially rewarding in making spatial data available to the public via our website.


There are no current vacancies with Crown Estate Scotland.

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