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Sian Wilson

Helping to combat climate change was the main reason Sian chose to work in offshore renewable energy: she wanted to play a part in creating a sustainable energy supply.

Her job has two distinct parts to it: the first is managing contracts for test and demonstration renewable energy projects and the second involves considering the development and leasing requirements to support test and demonstration activities in the early stages of technology development. For all projects, timing is critical to enable the progress of the technology to align with project development and financing.

For example, the wave and tidal industry were looking for more opportunities to test and demonstrate new technologies so we created greater flexibility in leases for projects under 3MW. This means that developers can apply for a lease when they’re ready rather than within a certain timeframe.

Sian is passionate about the positive role Crown Estate Scotland can play in the offshore sectors, particularly in the early stages of technology development. To this end, she works with colleagues, organisations and stakeholders across industry to identify common challenges, helping to make things simpler for developers so they can bring new test and demonstration opportunities to market.