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Fiona Simpson

Fiona Simpson

Asset Manager (Property)

If anyone knows which of ‘them thar hills’ contains gold in Scotland, it’s Fiona Simpson. As Asset Manager, she oversees and approves anything to do with the ‘Mines Royal’, which essentially means gold and silver.

Add to this oversight of Crown Estate Scotland’s four rural estates (Glenlivet, Whitehills, Fochabers and Applegirth), mineral rights on these estates and Scottish salmon fishing access and leasing, and you get an idea of the variety in Fiona’s job.

Everything Fiona does is designed to manage the assets fairly, to generate income for Scottish Government and to manage the assets for the long-term future of Scotland.

It’s a job that requires knowledge of old rules and new ones. Some of the laws around Mines Royal date back to the late 1400s, while the 2016 Land Reform (Scotland) Act applies to our rural estates and legislation and regulation around planning, health & safety and other matters are constantly evolving.

The estates are farmed by tenant farmers, but they’re also home to communities and businesses ranging from a ski resort, to a mountain biking course, a sand mine (in great demand for golf course bunkers) and even a water bottling plant. 

Fiona also manages wild salmon fishing leases to angling associations and communities, ensuring that these are controlled locally.