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Crown Estate Scotland - About Us

Crown Estate Scotland manages land and property owned by the Monarch in right of the Crown. We work with people and organisations to ensure that the assets are managed in a sustainable way that creates prosperity for Scotland and its communities.

The business was set up following the Scotland Act 2016 and pays all revenue profit to the Scottish Consolidated Fund.

Our Strategic Framework

In relation to the rest of the UK, the remit of our predecessor organisation The Crown Estate remains unchanged, with its profits continuing to go to the UK Government.

Crown Estate Scotland

  • Is responsible for managing a range of rural, coastal and marine assets, as well as some commercial property
  • Leases land and property to 2000 individuals and businesses, working with them to help them succeed
  • Supports aquaculture, farming, forestry, tourism and offshore renewables through leasing, research and other activities
  • Invests in marine leisure facilities to support coastal communities
  • Is guided at all times by our core values of excellence, commercialism, collaboration and integrity.  

Crown Estate Scotland is a public corporation. It is led by a board and managed by a staff team of approx 56 FTEs, supported by agents who provide specialist advice and local support.

Our Corporate Plan and Business Plan for the current period are listed below along with a summary of key legislation relating to Crown Estate Scotland. This details our objectives, ways of working and how we are contributing to delivering Scottish Government's national outcomes.

Find out more about the assets.

Plans and Legislation