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The process to become a pilot project involves two stages. During Stage One we ask you to submit outline proposals and during Stage Two we’d like to see a fuller business plan.

The Stage One application process runs from 20 June to 16 August 2018. The Stage Two application process runs from 15 October 2018 to 14 January 2019.

At Stage One, we hope to receive a wide range of proposals. We encourage innovative management approaches which are underpinned by community and stakeholder support and which have the potential to offer improved economic, social, environmental and well-being outcomes.

Please download the Local Asset Management Pilots Scheme Criteria & Process below for more information and for details on how to apply. A word document of the application form is also available to download below. 

The option to apply online will also be made available week commencing 16 July.

Local Asset Management Pilots Scheme