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Helping communities manage land and property

Our new local pilots scheme has been designed to encourage local authorities, development trusts and other bodies to manage Scottish Crown Estate land and property in their local area.

We hope that this scheme – and the projects that emerge from it – will enable us to work with others to test different methods of managing assets, empowering communities and giving people more say in decisions that impact the land, coastline and sea near where they live.

Following engagement and consultation with community organisations, local authorities and others on the structure and design of the scheme, the Stage One Application process is now open, with a deadline for applications of August 16 2018. Details of how to apply can be found here

We are keen to hear of innovative proposals that will win the support of local people including, importantly, existing tenants, and that will use Scottish Crown Estate  assets to enhance sustainable development.

Our team will work with applicants to help them develop their proposals. Please do contact us if you have any queries or questions or if you just want to talk through an idea. Please email Local Pilots Manager Tom Mallows or call him on 0131 260 6070.

Please read our Local Pilots Scheme Privacy Notice here.